What Happens if I Write the Wrong Subject Code in the VTU Exam?

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Writing the wrong subject code in a VTU exam can be a stressful situation, but the consequences may not be as severe as you might imagine. Here’s what might happen:

Potential Scenarios

Manual Evaluation

If you’ve written the correct subject name but entered the wrong code, there’s a chance your answer script might still be evaluated manually during the centralized processing. Examiners might be able to identify the intended subject based on the question content you attempted.

Discrepancy Identification

During processing, the mismatch between the bubbled code and the written subject name might be flagged as a discrepancy. This could bring your answer script to the attention of the examiners for further scrutiny.

Possible Outcomes

No Penalty (Best Case)

In the best-case scenario, if the examiners can clearly identify the intended subject based on the question content and written subject name, your answer booklet might be evaluated for the correct subject with no penalty.

Reduced Marks (Possible)

There’s a possibility that your marks might be deducted due to the discrepancy. The extent of the deduction would depend on the specific VTU guidelines and the severity of the error. It’s essential to understand that mistakes can affect your final score, so accuracy is crucial.

Script Rejection (Least Likely)

As a last resort, in rare cases, your answer script might be rejected for evaluation altogether if the subject cannot be definitively determined. However, this is a less likely scenario, especially if you’ve written the correct subject name.



Before submitting your answer booklet, always double-check that the bubbled subject code matches the written subject name you’ve mentioned. This simple step can save you from potential headaches and ensure your script is evaluated correctly.

Inform Invigilator

If you notice the mistake after submitting the booklet, immediately inform the invigilator and request their guidance. They might be able to document the situation for future reference during evaluation, potentially mitigating the impact of your error.

Revaluation (Optional)

If you believe your script was not evaluated correctly due to the subject code error, you can consider applying for revaluation after the results are declared. However, there’s no guarantee that the revaluation process will address the issue, so prevention is always better than cure.

VTU Website and Regulations

For the most accurate information, it’s recommended to consult the official VTU website or exam instructions. You might find guidelines related to discrepancies in answer scripts or the consequences of clerical errors. Here are some resources to explore:

VTU Website

Visit the VTU website for detailed information on examination procedures and guidelines. Look for sections on examinations or FAQs to find relevant information.

VTU Exam Instructions

Review the VTU exam instructions (if available) provided at the start of each semester or academic year. These documents often contain valuable information on how to properly fill out your answer scripts and avoid common mistakes.

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