What is the Process of Converting a Percentage to a CGPA at VTU, Belgaum?

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Converting a percentage to a CGPA at VTU, Belgaum (now Belagavi), involves understanding the grading system and the formula used to calculate CGPA based on Semester Grade Points (SGPA). Unlike some universities that directly convert percentages to CGPA, VTU uses a different approach that revolves around semester grades.

Understanding CGPA Calculation at VTU

Formula for CGPA Calculation

The CGPA at VTU is calculated using the following formula:

CGPA=∑(Ci×Si)∑Ci\text{CGPA} = \frac{\sum (C_i \times S_i)}{\sum C_i}CGPA=∑Ci​∑(Ci​×Si​)​


  • CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average for the entire program.
  • ∑\sum∑ (Σ symbol): Represents the summation of the following terms.
  • Ci: Number of credits for a particular semester.
  • Si: SGPA of that particular semester.

Steps Involved in Calculating CGPA

Step 1: Gather Information

Collect your SGPA and credit information for each semester you’ve completed. This information is typically found on your grade cards or transcripts.

Step 2: Multiply Credits by SGPA

For each semester, multiply the number of credits (Ci) by the SGPA (Si) of that semester.

Step 3: Sum the Products

Add up the products obtained in step 2 for all semesters (∑(Ci×Si)\sum (C_i \times S_i)∑(Ci​×Si​)).

Step 4: Sum the Total Credits

Add up the total credit value (Ci) for all semesters you’ve completed (∑Ci\sum C_i∑Ci​).

Step 5: Divide the Sums

Divide the sum of the products (step 3) by the sum of the total credits (step 4). This will give you your CGPA.

Example Calculation

Let’s say you have completed three semesters with the following information:

SemesterCredits (Ci)SGPA (Si)Product (Ci x Si)


  1. ∑(Ci×Si)=170+216+176=562\sum (C_i \times S_i) = 170 + 216 + 176 = 562∑(Ci​×Si​)=170+216+176=562
  2. ∑Ci=20+24+22=66\sum C_i = 20 + 24 + 22 = 66∑Ci​=20+24+22=66
  3. CGPA=56266=8.52\text{CGPA} = \frac{562}{66} = 8.52CGPA=66562​=8.52 (rounded to two decimal places)

Therefore, based on this example, your CGPA would be 8.52.

Important Notes

Scheme Variations

This formula is a general guideline. There might be slight variations depending on the specific VTU scheme you’re enrolled under (e.g., 2015 scheme, 2018 scheme, etc.). Always refer to the official VTU regulations for your specific scheme for any nuances.

Percentage to CGPA Conversion

While VTU primarily uses CGPA as the grading metric, there might be a separate formula for converting CGPA to a percentage for specific purposes. However, CGPA provides a comprehensive indicator of your academic performance throughout your program compared to a single percentage value.

Why CGPA Matters

CGPA is a more holistic measure of your academic performance across multiple semesters, reflecting consistent effort and understanding of the subjects over time. It’s crucial for:

  • Postgraduate Admissions: Many universities prefer CGPA over percentages for evaluating academic performance.
  • Job Applications: Companies may look at CGPA to gauge a candidate’s consistent academic performance.
  • Scholarships: CGPA is often a criterion for eligibility for various scholarships and academic honors.

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Converting a percentage to a CGPA at VTU involves understanding the comprehensive system of SGPA and credits. By following the outlined steps and using the provided formula, you can accurately calculate your CGPA. Remember, consistent performance across semesters is key, and tools like LearnyHive can help you achieve your academic goals with ease.