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Embark on LearnyHive’s inspiring journey to equip engineering students with effortless exam triumph. Get to know our devoted team, understand our mission, and witness firsthand the significance of peer-to-peer collaboration in nurturing a supportive learning ecosystem.

- Our Story-

A Quick Background

Hey there, welcome to LearnyHive, the groundbreaking edtech startup dedicated to empowering engineering (VTU) students with seamless semester exam success. Our journey began with a shared determination to tackle the common challenges students encounter during exam prep. As aspiring entrepreneurs and learners ourselves, we envisioned a solution that puts engineering semester exam preparation at your fingertips.

- Why LearnyHive? -

What Makes Us Different?

Mission: Empowering Effortless Exam Success

At LearnyHive, we’re on a mission to transform the way engineering semester exams are prepared for. Our aim is to revolutionize the process, offering a comprehensive and efficient study tool that maximizes students’ efforts. Our goal is simple: to help students achieve academic excellence with less stress and time invested. But beyond just exam success, we’re also dedicated to nurturing real-world skills that are essential for future endeavors.

Vision: Redefining Learning with Collaboration

At LearnyHive, we’re dreaming of a future where learning transcends traditional textbooks and classrooms. We envision a dynamic e-learning platform that cultivates a collaborative community among students, where connections are made, knowledge is shared, and support is abundant throughout each other’s academic journeys. Our goal is to transform exam preparation into a fulfilling and enriching experience for every learner.

- Unique Feature -

Empowering Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

At LearnyHive, we’re strong believers in the power of peer-to-peer collaboration in the learning journey. Our platform creates a lively space where students can come together, exchange knowledge, and bolster each other’s academic pursuits. Learning alongside peers not only deepens comprehension but also makes the preparation process fun and fulfilling.

- Our Team -

Ambitious Heads Behind LearnyHive

Founder & CEO

Bhanush Gowda

Aspiring entrepreneur, dedicated student, and the founder of LearnyHive—an edtech startup driven by a passion for transformative education.

Chief Technology Officer

Amar Karthik

Ambitious Entrepreneur, Innovator and an AI Enthusiast. Crafting Professional and Visually Stunning Digital Masterpieces since 2016.

Content Manager


I am a dedicated person who is always looking for new challenges and I’m very motivated towards what I do.

- Our Team -

Our Course Instructors



Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics, East point college of engineering and technology