How Can I Get My Old VTU Results?

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Retrieving old VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University) results can be a bit tricky as they might not be permanently stored on the official website. However, there are several ways you can try to find your desired results.

VTU Exam Portal

Limited Availability

The first place to check is the VTU Exam Portal. While they might not have results for very old semesters, it’s worth checking, especially for more recent semesters.

Visit the VTU Exam Portal. Enter your university seat number and other required details to search for your results.

Third-Party Websites

Alternative Sources

Several educational websites and forums archive VTU results. You can search using keywords like “VTU [Semester number] Results [Year]” on platforms like:

These sites often store results from various years and can be a useful resource when the official VTU site does not have the information you need.

University Department

For Very Old Results

If the semester you’re looking for is very old, contacting the relevant department at VTU might be helpful. They might have archived records or suggest alternative ways to access your results. You can find contact information for VTU departments on the official VTU website.

Steps to Contact VTU Department

  1. Visit the official VTU website.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ section.
  3. Find the contact information for the relevant department.
  4. Prepare to provide details like your registration number, semester information, and the year you appeared for the exams.

University Transcript

Official Records

If none of the above options work, consider requesting your official university transcript from VTU. This document will include your grades for all semesters and can serve as valid proof of your academic performance.

To request a transcript, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the VTU website and navigate to the transcript request section.
  2. Fill out the required form with your details.
  3. Pay the necessary fees.
  4. Submit the form and wait for the university to process your request.

Transcripts are comprehensive documents and can be used for various official purposes, including job applications and further studies.

Additional Tips

Caution and Verification

While searching online resources, be cautious of fake websites or unreliable sources. Verify the information before relying on it.

Detailed Information

If you’re contacting VTU directly, be prepared to provide details like your registration number, semester information, and the year you appeared for the exams.


The success rate of finding older results depends on the specific semester you’re looking for. Be persistent and explore all available options.

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By following these steps and utilizing the available resources, you can successfully retrieve your old VTU results. Stay determined and make use of all the options at your disposal.