What is the percentage to get first class in VTU?

What is the percentage to get first class in VTU

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), one of the leading technological universities in India, has a specific grading system to categorize student performances. Understanding this grading system, especially the criteria for achieving First Class, is crucial for VTU students.

VTU Grading System Explained

Achieving First Class in VTU

To attain a First Class in VTU semester exams, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Score at least 60% but less than 70% of the aggregate marks.
  • Pass all subjects in one or more attempts.

Breakdown of VTU’s Grading Categories

VTU’s grading system categorizes student performances into several distinct classifications:

  • First Class with Distinction (FCD): 70–100%
  • First Class (FC): 60–69%
  • Second Class (SC): 35–59%

VTU Letter Grades

In addition to percentage-based grades, VTU also uses a letter grading system:

  • O: Outstanding
  • A+: Excellent
  • A: Very Good
  • B+: Good
  • B: Above Average
  • C: Average
  • P: Pass
  • F: Fail

Strategies for Securing First Class in VTU

Focused Preparation and Strategy

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Utilizing LearnyHive’s Resources

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Continuous Learning and Improvement

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Conclusion: Navigating VTU’s Academic Standards

Understanding the grading system and the criteria for achieving First Class is key to academic success in VTU. With the right preparation and support, reaching this milestone is achievable.

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