What is the Passing Rules of VTU?

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Understanding the passing rules of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is crucial for every engineering student. Achieving the minimum required scores in both Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and Semester End Examination (SEE) is essential to pass any course. This article will break down these passing requirements and offer insights into how you can effectively prepare for your exams, even at the last moment, with resources like LearnyHive.

Minimum Passing Marks

Combined Score

To pass a course at VTU, you need a minimum of 40% in the aggregate of CIE and SEE marks. This means that the combined score of both assessments needs to be at least 40 out of 100. This requirement ensures that students maintain a balanced performance throughout the semester and in the final exam.

Individual Components

  1. Theory Courses: For most theory courses, the minimum passing requirement is 40% for CIE and 35% for SEE.
    • CIE: You need at least 20 out of 50 marks.
    • SEE: You need at least 18 out of 50 marks.
  2. Practical Courses, Projects, Seminars, and Internships: These might have different weightage and minimum passing marks. It’s recommended to refer to the specific VTU regulations for the scheme and course you’re enrolled in.

Additional Points

  • VTU Exams: Typically, VTU exams are out of 100 marks, with CIE contributing 50% and SEE contributing the remaining 50% to the final score.
  • Letter Grades: There might be a letter grade assigned based on your final score, but passing the course only requires achieving the minimum overall percentage (40% combined).

Resources for VTU Passing Rules

  1. VTU Regulations: The university publishes regulations outlining the evaluation process for different schemes (course structures). You can find these on the VTU website.
  2. University Updates: VTU occasionally releases circulars clarifying evaluation procedures for specific semesters or schemes. Keep an eye on the official website for these updates.

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