What are the Best Books for the 1st Semester CSE at VTU?

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Finding the right books for your first semester in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) at Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is crucial for building a strong foundation. While VTU doesn’t prescribe specific textbooks for every course, there are highly recommended resources that students typically follow. Here are some of the best books for the first-semester CSE courses at VTU.

Mathematics – 1 (Calculus, Linear Algebra)

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal

This book is a comprehensive resource for engineering students, covering a wide range of topics in calculus and linear algebra. It includes numerous solved examples and practice problems to help you understand complex mathematical concepts.

Engineering Mathematics by E. Krishnamurthy and P.V. Sarma

This book provides clear explanations and practical examples, making it an excellent resource for students who need a strong grasp of engineering mathematics. It covers the VTU syllabus effectively and is easy to follow.

Physics – 1

Engineering Physics by H.K. Malik and A.K. Singh

This book is tailored for engineering students, covering fundamental concepts in physics that are essential for understanding engineering principles. It includes detailed explanations and solved problems to enhance learning.

Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma

A well-known book among engineering aspirants, this book provides a deep understanding of physics concepts with a clear and concise approach. It’s an excellent supplementary resource for grasping the theoretical aspects of physics.

Chemistry – 1

Engineering Chemistry by P.C. Jain and M. Jain

This book covers the essentials of engineering chemistry, providing detailed explanations and practical examples. It’s well-suited for first-year engineering students and aligns with the VTU syllabus.

Engineering Chemistry by J. N. Bajpai

Another great resource, this book offers a thorough understanding of chemistry principles with a focus on applications in engineering. It includes numerous examples and practice problems.

Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering by D.T. Palani

This book is designed for beginners, providing a solid foundation in electrical engineering concepts. It covers the basics of electrical circuits, components, and analysis.

Basic Electrical Engineering by V.N. Mittal and J. Mittal

A comprehensive resource for first-year engineering students, this book explains fundamental electrical engineering principles with clarity. It includes solved examples and practice questions to aid understanding.

Computer Programming and Data Structures

Let Us C by Yashavant Kanetkar

This book is a must-read for beginners in computer programming. It covers the fundamentals of the C programming language with clear explanations and numerous examples.

Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ by Adam Drozdek

For students who want to delve deeper into data structures, this book provides a thorough understanding of algorithms and data structures using C++. It’s an excellent resource for developing strong programming skills.

Communicative English

English for Engineers and Technologists by R.C. Mehrotra and A. Mamta

This book is tailored for engineering students, focusing on enhancing communication skills in English. It includes practical exercises and examples relevant to engineering contexts.

Object-Oriented Programming with Java by Cay S. Horstmann and Gary Cornell

While this book is not a first-semester requirement, it is an excellent supplementary resource for learning Java concepts, which will be beneficial in future semesters.


Choosing the right textbooks is essential for excelling in your first semester of CSE at VTU. The recommended books listed above cover all the necessary topics and provide comprehensive explanations, making them valuable resources for your studies. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with your professors or seniors for their suggestions, as they can provide insights based on their experiences.

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