How Many Marks Are Required to Clear VTU?

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To clear a VTU course, you need to secure a minimum of 40% in the total marks allocated for that course. This total is calculated by combining your marks from two components:

  • CIE (Continuous Internal Evaluation): This contributes 40% of the total marks (usually involves assignments, quizzes, and internal tests).
  • SEE (Semester End Examination): This contributes the remaining 60% of the total marks (the main external exam conducted at the end of the semester).

Understanding the Minimum Marks Requirement

Minimum Marks in CIE

There’s no specific minimum mark required for CIE alone. However, scoring well in internals helps you reach the overall 40% requirement and prepares you better for the SEE. It is essential to focus on assignments, quizzes, and internal tests as these contribute significantly to your total score.

Minimum Marks in SEE

You need to score at least 35% (out of 100 marks) in the SEE to pass the course. This translates to securing 18 marks out of 50 (as SEE marks are scaled down from 100 to 50 for record-keeping purposes). This ensures that students have a basic understanding of the subject before progressing further.

Important Points to Remember

Combined Minimum Requirement

The minimum requirement is for the combined score of CIE and SEE, which needs to be at least 40% (out of 100 marks). This means you need to strategically balance your performance in both CIE and SEE to ensure you meet the overall passing criteria.

Focus on Both Components

Don’t neglect either CIE or SEE. Aim to perform well in both components to ensure you comfortably cross the 40% threshold. Both parts are crucial and contribute to your overall success in the course.

Subject Variations

The weightage of CIE and SEE might vary slightly for some practical or project-based subjects. Always refer to the specific syllabus for each course to confirm the exact weightage breakdown. Understanding the nuances of each subject’s evaluation criteria can help you allocate your study efforts more effectively.

Strategies for Scoring Well

Thorough Understanding of the Syllabus

Focus on understanding the VTU prescribed syllabus thoroughly for each subject. This ensures you cover the expected learning outcomes and key concepts. Knowing what is expected in both CIE and SEE can help you prepare more efficiently.

Consistent Preparation

Maintain a consistent study schedule that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of your courses. Regularly attending classes, participating in discussions, and keeping up with assignments can make a significant difference in your internal assessment scores.

Practice with Previous Papers

Analyze question papers from past years to understand the exam pattern, weightage of different topics, and frequently asked questions. Practicing with previous papers can help you get familiar with the type of questions asked and how to frame your answers effectively.

Effective Time Management

Develop a clear and concise writing style in your exams. Use proper headings, diagrams, and flowcharts to enhance readability. Allocate time proportionately to each question and prioritize confident questions first. Effective time management during exams can help ensure that you complete all questions and provide well-thought-out answers.

Seek Help When Needed

Don’t hesitate to seek help from professors, classmates, or online resources if you find certain topics challenging. Understanding difficult concepts thoroughly can boost your confidence and improve your performance in both CIE and SEE.


By understanding the evaluation system and focusing on both internal assessments and the semester-end exam, you can increase your chances of successfully clearing your VTU courses. A solid understanding of the subject matter, good writing skills, and strategic exam preparation are key to achieving the required marks.

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