How is the Correction Done in VTU? Is It Strict?

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The correction process at VTU generally follows a systematic approach, but the strictness can be subjective and depend on various factors. Here’s a detailed look at how VTU correction works and the level of strictness involved.

The Correction Process at VTU

Answer Key

The board responsible for setting the question paper prepares an answer key that serves as a guideline for evaluators. This answer key is crucial for maintaining consistency and ensuring that the evaluators have a standard reference point.


Evaluators, typically faculty members from VTU-affiliated colleges, mark answer scripts based on the answer key. They might award partial marks for partially correct answers depending on the weightage of specific sections within a question. This step involves careful comparison of student responses with the answer key to ensure fairness.

Revaluation (Optional)

If a student is dissatisfied with their marks, they can apply for revaluation. This involves a re-checking of the answer script by a different evaluator. Revaluation provides an opportunity for students to seek a second opinion and potentially improve their scores if the initial evaluation was too strict or erroneous.

Is VTU Correction Strict?

Standardized Process

The use of an answer key helps maintain some level of consistency in evaluation across different evaluators. This standardization aims to ensure that all students are assessed fairly based on predetermined criteria.


There can be some subjectivity in interpreting answers, especially in open-ended questions. This subjectivity can lead to variations in marks awarded by different evaluators. While one evaluator might be lenient, another might be stricter, affecting the overall score.

Revaluation Impact

The revaluation process might not always lead to significant changes in marks. While it offers a chance for re-evaluation, the marks typically don’t change drastically unless there was a clear mistake in the initial evaluation.

Common Perceptions of Strictness

Focus on Keywords

Evaluators primarily look for keywords from the answer key, potentially leading to lower marks for answers that convey the correct concept but use different wording. This can be frustrating for students who understand the material but do not use the exact terminology expected.

Limited Partial Marks

Strict evaluators might award full marks or no marks for a question, with less flexibility for awarding partial marks for partially correct answers. This binary approach can sometimes disadvantage students who demonstrate partial understanding.

Tips for Scoring Well in VTU Exams

Follow the Syllabus

Focus on understanding the VTU prescribed syllabus thoroughly for each subject. This ensures you cover the expected learning outcomes and key concepts, aligning your answers with what evaluators expect.

Practice with Previous Papers

Analyze question papers from past years to understand the exam pattern, weightage of different topics, and frequently asked questions. Practicing with previous papers can help you get familiar with the type of questions asked and how to frame your answers.

Presentation Matters

Develop a clear and concise writing style in your exams. Use proper headings, diagrams, and flowcharts to enhance readability. Clear presentation can make it easier for evaluators to identify key points and award marks accordingly.

Answer Effectively

Allocate time proportionately to each question. Prioritize confident questions first and showcase your working for numerical problems. Effective time management during exams can help ensure that you complete all questions and provide well-thought-out answers.


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