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Mathematics-II || CSE stream || Very Important Questions Explained with Concepts || All 5 modules || BMATS201 || Last moment exam preparation
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Ayesha Bi Bi 2 weeks ago
Where can I get the resource or notes on these modules for practice Am not able to find the resource section
Team LearnyHive 2 weeks ago
Hi there, To know how to get study materials for a course, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the tutorial named, 'How to Download Study Materials from LearnyHive's Enrolled Courses' Thanks
Very well designed to get good marks
Team LearnyHive 3 weeks ago
Thank you for your valuable feedback.
R Chandana 1 month ago
I enrolled in this course has some videos important questions It helps the students to get more marks
Vikas Math 2 weeks ago
videos are very well and good also helpful..but in module 1 some imp dervations are missing like beta and gamma functions..
Team LearnyHive 3 weeks ago
Thank you for your feedback. Team learnyHive
Team LearnyHive 1 month ago
Thank you for your valuable feedback!
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