Introduction to Python Programming || All 5 MODULES (Model paper questions) || BPLCK105B/205B || Very Important questions with solutions EXPLAINED || Last moment exam preparation

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About Course

Ace Your Introduction to Python Programming (BPLCK105B/205B) Exams with Minimal Effort

Introduction to Python Programming Exam Preparation: Score 80+ with Ease

Struggling with Introduction to Python Programming(BPLCK105B/205B) exam preparations? Worry no more! This comprehensive video course is your ultimate guide to acing your exams with minimal effort. Our expert instructor has meticulously curated a set of Very Important Questions (VIQs) spanning all 5 modules, ensuring you can maximize your scores in the least amount of time.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Detailed explanations of Model Paper questions.
  • Insights into frequently repeated questions from previous years which are covered in the model paper.
  • Expert-identified crucial questions for your upcoming exams which is also covered in the model paper questions.

Course Features:

  • Pre-recorded Video Lectures: 1-2 hours of intensive, yet easy-to-follow lectures designed for last-minute preparation.
  • Downloadable Study Materials: Access all the study materials used in the video lectures, available for download to aid your preparation.
  • Targeted Learning: Focus on essential questions to score 80+ in your semester exams without unnecessary effort.

Why This Course?

  • Efficient Preparation: Designed specifically for last-minute exam prep, this course helps you get ready in just one day.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our expert instructor who knows what it takes to score high.
  • Proven Results: Follow our structured approach to effortlessly achieve top marks.

Ideal For:

  • Students enrolled in Introduction to Introduction to Python Programming looking for a quick and effective way to prepare for their exams.
  • Anyone needing a comprehensive review of crucial exam topics in a short period.

Course Duration:

  • 1-2 hours of video content


  • Immediate access to all video lectures and study materials upon enrollment.

Join Now: Transform your last-minute study session into a successful exam strategy. Enroll now and get ready to score 80+ with ease!

Note: This course is specially designed for last-moment exam preparation to ensure you excel with minimal effort. Just study one day before the exam and achieve top marks!

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What Will You Learn?

  • All the very important questions with solutions and concepts (Module wise) required to score 80+ marks in the exam.

Course Content

Model Paper 2 (Covers all 5 modules very important questions)

  • 05:44
  • 2a. Explain flow control statements in Python with a syntax and example to each. 2b. Develop a Python program to generate Fibonacci sequence of length (N). Read N from the console. 2c. Write a function named DivExp which takes TWO parameters a, b and returnsa value c (c=a/b). Write suitable assertion for a>0 in function DivExp and raisean exception for when b=0. Develop a Python program which reads two values from the console and calls afunction DivExp. 2d.Explain Local and Global Scope in Python programs. What are local and global variables? How can you force a variable in a function to refer to the global variable?
  • 3a. Explain with a programming example to each: (ii) get() (iii) setdefault(). 3b. Develop suitable Python programs with nested lists to explain copy.copy( ) and copy.deepcopy( ) methods. 3c. Explain append() and index() functions with respect to lists in Python.
  • 4a. Explain different ways to delete an element from a list with suitable Python syntax and programming examples. 4b.Read a multi-digit number (as chars) from the console. Develop a program to print the frequency of each digit with suitable message. 4c. Tuples are immutable. Explain with Python programming example.
  • 5a. Explain Python string handling methods with examples: split(), endswith(), ljust(), center(), lstrip(). 5b. Explain reading and saving python program variables using shelve module with suitable Python program. 5c. Develop a Python program to read and print the contents of a text file.
  • 6a. Explain Python string handling methods with examples: join(), startswith() ,rjust(), strip(), rstrip(). 6b. Explain with suitable Python program segments: (i) os.path.basename() (ii)os.path.join(). 6c. Develop a Python program find the total size of all the files in the given directory.
  • 7a. Explain permanent delete and safe delete with a suitable Python programming example to each. 7b. Develop a program to backing Up a given Folder (Folder in a current working directory) into a ZIP File by using relevant modules and suitable methods. 7c. Explain the role of Assertions in Python with a suitable program.
  • 8a. Explain the functions with examples: (i) shutil.copytree() (ii) shutil.move()(iii) shutil.rmtree(). 8b. Develop a Python program to traverse the current directory by listing subfolders and files. 8c. Explain the support for Logging with logging module in Python.
  • 9a. Explain the methods init and str with suitable code example to each. 9b. Explain the program development concept ‘prototype and patch’ with suitable example. 9c. Define a function which takes TWO objects representing complex numbers and returns new complex number with a addition of two complex numbers. Define a suitable class ‘Complex’ to represent the complex number. Develop a program to read N (N >=2) complex numbers and to compute the addition of N complex numbers.
  • 10a. Explain the following with syntax and suitable code snippet: i) Class definition ii) instantiation iii) passing an instance (or objects) as an argument iv) instances as return values. 10b. Define pure function and modifier. Explain the role of pure functions and modifiers in application development with suitable python programs.

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