Applied Chemistry for Computer Science &Engineering stream || All 5 MODULES || BCHES102 || BCHES202 || Very Important questions with solutions EXPLAINED || Last moment exam preparation

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About Course

Ace Your Chemistry for Computer Science &Engineering stream (BCHES202/102) Exams with Minimal Effort

Last-Minute Chemistry for Computer Science &Engineering stream Exam Preparation: Score 80+ with Ease

Struggling with

Chemistry for Computer Science &Engineering stream (BCHES202/102) exam preparations? Worry no more! This comprehensive video course is your ultimate guide to acing your exams with minimal effort. Our expert instructor has meticulously curated a set of Very Important Questions (VIQs) spanning all 5 modules, ensuring you can maximize your scores in the least amount of time.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Detailed explanations of Model Paper questions.
  • Insights into frequently repeated questions from previous years.
  • Expert-identified crucial questions for your upcoming exams.

Course Features:

  • Pre-recorded Video Lectures: 4-5 hours of intensive, yet easy-to-follow lectures designed for last-minute preparation.
  • Downloadable Study Materials: Access all the study materials used in the video lectures, available for download to aid your preparation.
  • Targeted Learning: Focus on essential questions to score 80+ in your semester exams without unnecessary effort.

Why This Course?

  • Efficient Preparation: Designed specifically for last-minute exam prep, this course helps you get ready in just one day.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our expert instructor who knows what it takes to score high.
  • Proven Results: Follow our structured approach to effortlessly achieve top marks.

Ideal For:

  • Students enrolled in Introduction to Chemistry for Computer Science &Engineering stream looking for a quick and effective way to prepare for their exams.
  • Anyone needing a comprehensive review of crucial exam topics in a short period.

Course Duration:

  • 4-5 hours of video content


  • Immediate access to all video lectures and study materials upon enrollment.

Join Now: Transform your last-minute study session into a successful exam strategy. Enroll now and get ready to score 80+ with ease!

Note: This course is specially designed for last-moment exam preparation to ensure you excel with minimal effort. Just study one day before the exam and achieve top marks!

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What Will You Learn?

  • All the very important questions with solutions and concepts (Module wise) required to score 80+ marks in the exam.

Course Content

MODULE 1: Sensors and Energy Systems (VIQ with answers)

  • 02:15
  • 08:42
  • 2. Explain the working principle of electrochemical sensors and mention any two application.
  • 3.Explain the working principle of optical sensors and mention any two application.
  • 4.Explain the working principle of an electrochemical sensor in the detection of Dissolved oxygen
  • 5.Describe the application of Electrochemical sensors for the detection of SOx and NOx
  • 6.Explain the working principle ofThermometric(Flame Photometry) and mention any Two applications
  • 7.Write a note on disposable Sensors. Explain the Detection of Glyphosate by using Electrochemical sensor.
  • 8.Explain the detection of dichlofenac by using electrochemical sensors
  • 9.Explain the detection of Ascarbic acid by using Electrochemical sensors
  • 10.Explain the Electrochemical sensors used for the detection of Hydrocarbans(1-Hydroxypyrene)
  • 11.what are Batteries .Explain the construction.working and application of Lithium ion Batteries
  • and application of Sodium ion Batteries
  • 13. What are Quantum Dot Sensitised solar cells. Mention its properties and application

MODULE 2: Materials for Memory and Display Systems (VIQ with answers)

MODULE 3: Corrosion and Electrode System (VIQ with answers)

MODULE 4: Polymers and GreenFuels (VIQ with answers)

MODULE 5: E-Waste Management (VIQ with answers)

Study materials (VIQ with answers)

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