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Partner with us at LearnyHive and contribute to revolutionizing education. We provide opportunities for expert tutors who are passionate about shaping minds, offering dynamic collaborations tailored to your expertise. For students eager to learn and grow, we offer interactive internships that foster growth and development.

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At LearnyHive, we’re dedicated to fostering connections between knowledgeable tutors and eager VTU students. We highly appreciate the experience and expertise that educators like you bring to our platform. Our commitment is to empower you with resources to excel. By sharing your wisdom, you can help cultivate young minds and provide invaluable guidance to students preparing for their VTU exams. Join us in this collaborative effort to make a difference in education.

Why Tutor with LearnyHive?

  • Monetize Your Expertise: Earn competitive compensation for your valuable insights and dedicated teaching. Your knowledge is an asset—let it flourish with us.

  • Flexible Engagement: Create and share courses on your schedule. We respect your time and autonomy—teach in a way that fits your lifestyle.

  • Robust Support: Benefit from our comprehensive suite of services, including content editing, course uploading, and marketing, to maximize your reach and impact.

  • Wider Audience: Tap into our extensive network of VTU students and grow your following. At LearnyHive, your teaching can reach students across numerous engineering disciplines.

  • Innovative Platform: Utilize our state-of-the-art platform to share interactive, engaging courses that resonate with today’s learners and the demands of the VTU syllabus.

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